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Troubleshooting BulkMockup Issues

I have purchased Bulk Mockup but am unable to use it. It throws some weird errors.

If you are new to Photoshop, then there is some learning curve involved to use Bulk Mockup effectively. Here's a compiled checklist for you to troubleshoot the issues that you might be facing.

Your Adobe Photoshop Version.

BulkMockup works best in CC version of Adobe. See if your adobe version supports smart object. If not update your Photoshop version.  

You have proper mockup templates?

Your mockup template should atleast have one smart object layer. Where it is supposed to change the design.  

You can download a sample mockup template below  

Your mockup template has a smart object layer, which doesn't have any missing links.

To fix this, either properly map the displacement map. if not delete the settings.  

Your mockup template do not have multiple smart object layers.

Make sure your mockup template has smart object that are associated to the design files only.
You may rasterize or delete the other smart object layers.

Your folder structure is correct.

Follow the above folder structure.  

Your folder do not have any hidden and unsupported files.

Make sure there are no hidden files in the Mockup and Design folders  

You are using Mac OS, Bulk Mockup worked first time, but doesn't work after that.

The issue is perhaps due to the mac operating system. This occurs due to hidden ".DS_Store" files in macbook. We recommend you to remove the hidden files and then run Bulk Mockup.
Here's a link that might be of use.  

There's also a work around this issue 
Creating new folders would help to get rid of the  ".DS_Store"  problem.  (This needs to be done every time)  

P.s. Our development team is working to fix this bug. 

The exported design files are either too tiny or too big.

The export might turn up tiny or very big. This happens due to the difference in resolution of the design file and the smart object layer. Open up the mockup which exported tiny design, double click on the smart object layer and change the resolution to 72 or 
300 (whatever your design files are of). 

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